Creative Writing: Adventures Through Time from Duke TIP on Vimeo.

Do you dream of captivating the world with your fiction? Learn to write great stories as you follow characters from an original TIP adventure film set in ancient Rome and Egypt, Renaissance England, and 20th century China and Argentina. Help new characters and familiar faces such as Julius Caesar, Nefertiti, Evita, and Queen Elizabeth I escape dramas and traumas while studying how to craft your own unique tales. Take history, arts, and vocabulary excursions so you can develop believable worlds with high stakes and intriguing characters. Master advanced skills of revision as you develop your own original plots, points of view, settings, and style.

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Spirits to Enforce from Jon Haas on Vimeo.

Presented by Manbites Dog Theater
Spirits to Enforce
by Mickle Maher

April 24 – May 10, 2014

“… a sea-change into something rich and strange.”
In a secret submarine lair, 12 superheroes – the Fathom Town Enforcers – face their greatest challenge: a telemarketing fundraiser for their long dreamed of production of The Tempest. From Chicago playwright Mickle Maher, a rich and strange take on the Bard’s final masterpiece.

Directed by Jeff Storer

Featuring: Chris Burner, Michael Brocki, Lakeisha Coffey, Marcia Edmundson, Thaddaeus Edwards, J Evarts, Jessica Flemming, Mary Guthrie, Jon Haas, Derrick Ivey, Carl Martin, Rajeev Rajendran

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